Jeffrey Gliwa

Jeffrey Gliwa

Producer, Actor, & Founder of Blue Shark Pictures



My mission is to collaborate with people to create projects that inspire. Iā€™m seeking those who want to support, invest and be part of creating these projects. This is so important right now. People are scared and uncertain. They are seeking things to trust in and more importantly, to feel inspired by.

A vision takes will power, tenacity and most importantly collaboration. Our creative collaboration has a unifying purpose ā€“ develop and deliver that which fills the mind and heart with inspiration. Delivering stories that grip us with recognizable fears, threats and challenges which we witness people overcome, conquer and rise from the ashes to find truth, integrity and freedom. These projects are rollercoaster rides that thrill, and chill, then deliver you home, feeling inspired ā€“ like you were able to overcome.

Inspiration turns our world into opportunity. It is the most valuable commodity we have to offer. Once people get a taste for it, they pursue it to the ends of the earth. It lets you believe ā€œI can.ā€