Vegan Lounge

V Pictures vegan lounge is a plant based tapas & screening room with projectors and flat screen televisions for the a-list entertainment industry to share a celebratory meal & top shelf beverages.

Timothy Spuches


Born and raised in on New York’s Upper East Side., Timothy Spuches schooled and socialized with the rich and famous heirs and heiresses in his neighborhood (Columbia SIPA) he created a marketing and promotions company which utilized his extensive Rolodex to fill the most prestigious nightclubs of the era with wealthy and notable young socialites.

After an extremely successful run, Spuches decided to bring his clientele which had expanded to celebrities and Downtown celebutantes under one roof. He opened SOHO uber rest-lounge Veruka which immediately became an internationally famous hot spot for stars in film, music and sports. The spot became legendary among other things for being among the very first to feature bottle service as commonly practiced today.

In 2000 he partnered with Studio 54 to open a VIP club above the theater which garnered intense media coverage due to its high profile clientele. After a successful run, Spuches and his brother took over an art deco boutique hotel in South Beach, The Marlin on Collins Avenue. There he transformed the lobby and patio into a restaurant/bar known as Rex which became a favorite of other NYC ex pats.

Returning to NY in the midst of the financial crisis. Spuches came upon an ambitious project on Ludlow Street that was struggling mightily after opening with little fanfare months earlier. Partnering with ownership he and a longtime associate resuscitated the endeavor by completing design and opening a restaurant on the “roof” level and a bottle service nightclub (SGTs) in the cellar. By spring 2011 Hotel Chantelle took LES nightlife to an entirely different level with queues stretched around the block.

By late 2013, the considerable investment in the space (1.7 million debt) had been completely paid off. By the following summer Hotel Chantelle was serving 300 cover brunches every weekend, 509+cover dinners followed by the busiest nightlife in the neighborhood, hosting crowds of thousands.

Between 2014 and 2019, Hotel Chantelle consistently earned $7M in revenue; delivering profits of 35% to the partners , considering higher than the industry standard 15-18% driven largely by highly profitable bottle revenue .

In 2014, Spuches and the HC team opened another Hotel Chantelle in London and a restaurant/cocktail bar in Williamsburg (The Regal) In striking contrast to his neighbors Spuches was cited by the 7th precinct and local block associations alike as a model operator who maintained a clean and safe operation.

Jeffrey Gliwa is opening the VIP Vegan Lounge “V Pictures” soon!

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