New York

New York is known as the “home of theater” and carries a history of discovering the New. This makes it the perfect next step for Moth. Moth’s established brand of cutting-edge material, performed by the most sought after young actors, will garner the attention of the Big Apple’s discerning audience. In similar fashion to the Labyrinth Theater, Moth builds its productions from inclusive stories that are explored and crafted by an allegiant ensemble of playwrights, directors and actors who want to set the stage on fire with raw authenticity.

Los Angeles

Moth Theater was founded in 2008 by John Markland. The theater’s reputation grew underground by delivering a mixture of original material cast with quickly rising stars such as Rami Malek, Scoot McNairy, Eiza Gonzalez, Lana Parrilla, Jonathan Tucker and many more. 15 Productions later with awards and nominations, most recently, Ovation Nomination for Best Production in Los Angeles, Moth has secured a respect among actors, producers, critics and audiences alike that has taken many other theaters decades to achieve.


Chicago is not just the home of Capone and Blues but also the Steppenwolf Theater and A Red Orchid Theater. Both of these theaters grew out of garages, basements and a tightly knit ensemble of inspired, actors, playwrights and directors. Moth carries the torch and will swoop into the windy city bringing its unique voice and presence, delivering its original straight-to-the-heart dramas crafted to the finest note by its core ensemble of notable talent. Moth’s continual focus on stories for and by the common person in search of self, becoming more and overcoming the odds will capture the ear and hearts of this city.

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