The Saint Next to Jesus

The Saint Next to Jesus



The amazing bible story of Saint Dismas, the pentinent thief who was famously crucified next to Jesus has never been told on film. We’ve all seen the image on Jesus hung on a cross, with a pair of men on either side of him, but not all know the story: Two thieves, crucified by the Romans, were hung on either side of Jesus. One believed him to be the son of god, and asked what he could do to go to heaven. He was Dismas, and became known as the ‘penitent thief’ or ‘the good thief’ as he repented his ways and asked Jesus to forgive him. He was later recognized as a saint. In this film, we see not only a beautiful faith based film, but we follow the exciting story of a bad man become good— Dismas and his band of thieves plot to steal gold from the Romans. The heist takes place at the same time the Roman Centurions are scouring the city to capture Jesus in Jerusalem, and eventually the crucixifion of both Jesus and Dismas at Golgotha.

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