The Drunken Gun

The Drunken Gun

FUNDED: $200,000


The deadliest hit man in the world is a raging alcoholic. He is at his deadliest when he is staggering drunk and totally fearless! When he decides to check in to a celebrity rehab center to get his life together a team of hit men come gunning. Now clean and sober but half the hit man he used to be he must fend off a team of deadly assassins before they kill him and a pack of the most pampered drunks and junkies in the world.


LUCKY LaSEAN is one of the world’s most feared and deadly assassins. He is also a chronic alcoholic. He is at his deadliest when he is staggering drunk. We see him on mission taking out an entire cartel of meth dealers single-handedly. He guns them down with pinpoint accuracy while being virtually un-hittable due to his lurching and staggering style of gunplay. It’s much like Shaolin “drunken boxing” only with guns. After the battle he collapses in pain! Was he shot? No! He is diagnosed with severe cirrhosis of the liver and warned that if he drinks anymore he will die within a week. To make matters worse, his wife and beloved daughter, whom he loves more than life won’t have anything to do with him until he sobers up.

Lucky decides to go to rehab and clean up. There he meets a famed pop star ANASTASIA a young rapper in her twenties. Lucky and ANASTASIA bond instantly as Lucky has no idea who she is and wants nothing from her. For Lucky, Anastasia is like a surrogate daughter and he the cool father figure she wished she had. They both clean up and Lucky becomes Anastasia’s sponsor. They help to keep each other clean. That is until a contract is put on Anastasia’s life and Lucky is given the contract.

Lucky opts to play the roll of protector instead. He must protect her from the psychopathic, vegan, health nut, known as DEPTFORD! He is an assassin as deadly if not more deadly than Lucky. Unfortunately Lucky is half the killer he was now, clean and sober. On top of that he finds himself bonding once again with his real daughter. Will lucky go back to the bottle and risk it all to save Anastasia or will he stay sober and reconnect with his family? You know the answer! He and Anastasia GET LIT and lead Deptford and his HIT SQUAD to a hipster CRAFT BREWERY for the final showdown! With an unlimited supply of intoxicants spaying all over, Lucky become drunker and more deadly than ever before. RIVERS OF BLOOD AND BEER flow as The Drunken Gun makes his last stand.

After the battle Anastasia pays for Lucky to have a LIVER TRANSPLANT. Lucky receives a fresh healthy liver courtesy of freshly deceased Deptford. Now with a fresh liver Lucky can continue his drunken, gunfighting ways — at least as long as this new liver lasts.

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