The Adventures of Dr. Donut

The Adventures of Dr. Donut

FUNDED: $93,500


THE ADVENTURES OF DR. DONUT would be a broad IP for children and tweenies which possess the potential for sequels as well as a broad multimedia platform launch. The idea would be expanded to create a hybrid of the classic JUDY BLUME novels and the ever-popular CALVIN AND HOBBES series. This will create an IP that can work as films, television series, books, graphic novels and in other digital formats.

The first script will follow a young girl (AVA – 8 years old) as she and her friends face the excitements and challenges of being a kid today. She sees the pressures of social media, bullying, puberty, crushes, divorce, fitting in, growing up, expectations, and everything else kids deal with. In the vein of CALVIN AND HOBBES, she turns to her stuffed animal Dr. Donut to help her understand and process the reality of growing up. We enter a fantasy world where Dr. Donut comes to life, and he and Ava go on a series of adventures. Bullies become monsters, they embark on quests, and real-life issues are tackled in a fun, inventive and accessible way that is entertaining for both kids and adults.

This format allows us to address real issues while keeping the film fun, exciting and engaging. The idea would be to launch a multi-media campaign beginning with the pilot film. This becomes a very easy genre to cross-promote on all the relevant platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Now is a fantastic time to create this type of material – especially one which has the potential for sequels and spin-offs into other forms of media.

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