Sinatra: My Way

Sinatra: My Way



Waiting for his kidnapped son to be found, a father’s demons drag him to the edge of madness.

Palm Springs – December 9, 1963

Frank Sinatra anxiously paces about his house, living room, kitchen, pool patio, while throwing back scotch after scotch and chain smoking. He’s stops to catch his breath.

A VOICE comes over the intercom. At times, it sounds like Frank is talking to someone in the Mob and other times, it sounds like Frank is talking to someone from the FBI.

A young woman bounces on the diving board. He smiles at her before she cannon balls in.(Lana Turner)

Frank yells at the intercom, denying ever telling anyone about it. “I don’t let the thought enter my mind… I can’t.”

To the other VOICE, Frank surrenders, he tells them everything he knows. “That’s all there is. He was my friend.” (JFK)

Frank is caught between shadows and conspiracies, between the neighborhood he left and the pearly elite he sought… “all or nothing at all, just find my son. I want my son.”

The District Attorney of Nevada appears and interrogates Frank about his association with the mob, “did they take him as a warning… don’t talk?”

Frank pours scotch and lights another cigarette… he begins to hum one of his songs to calm his mind, “that’s why the lady is a tramp.”

We hear a splash, a beautiful young woman dives into the pool. Frank is hypnotized by her as she rises out of the water, dark eyes glaring at him. (Ava Gardner)

The District Attorney is now an Italian Mobster, angry that certain people made promises, if we delivered the unions to JFK. We did and then his “Mick Irish Brother is up our asses… like he don’t want to pay up when it’s time.”

A WOMAN’S VOICE, the mother of Frank Jr. comes over the intercom… “if anything happens to him, it will be the last thing you’re remembered for.” Frank looks down and there is an eyeball in his drink. He yells and watches it fall from his hand to the ground.

The Nevada DA says, they’ll do everything they can… but it just might be up to God.

Bobby Kennedy calls to ask if he thinks it could be Sam Giancana. There is a bitterness in Bobby’s tone like there is a veiled threat in his questions.

Frank pours another scotch and lights a cigarette… he begins to sing one of his songs in a nervous mutter. “Fly me to the moon…”

Splash, a beautiful woman slides out of the pool and begins to dry off. (Lauren Bacall)

Another Italian Mobster… hangs up the phone on Bobby… “he better be careful talking like that, right Frank?” Frank pleads with the guy for his son’s return that he’ll give them everything he has.

Sammy Davis calls from inside the house. “Franky, you seen my eye?” Frank goes back over to where he dropped the glass and gets on his hands and knees searching through the broken glass, he cuts his palms.

A pair of boots step next to him. We follow them up to his dad in fireman gear but when his dad was a young man. He falls into his dad’s arms and sobs, over his dad’s shoulder Frank sees Marilyn Monroe with her arms extended toward him.

Frank walks toward her but as he walks, he sees a young man floating in the pool, face down. He dives in, screaming for his son. Frank turns him over and suddenly, he’s in the pool all by himself, tears streaming down his face, with My Way blasting over the intercom.

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