Bulger’s Basement

Bulger’s Basement



Southie – 1985

James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger Jr. holds a gun to a hooded head. The head wrestles and thrashes about. Whitey smacks him with the butt of the gun. A groan. Weeping.

Above, the sound of floor boards creak and the police radio chatter. Whitey steps over to the foot of the stairs and aims his gun up as the footsteps approach the door.

We see a shadow under the door at the top of the stairs. The hooded figure begins to struggle in the chair and scrape it about on the concrete floor.

Whitey pounces on him and wraps him tightly in a strangle hold, whispering threats into his ears. The door knob of the door at the top of the stairs rattles.

Whitey still squeezing the hooded head focuses on something in the corner of the room. A digital alarm clock is ticking backwards 7:35… 7:34… 7:33… it is wired to some sort of homemade bomb.

Whitey threatens the hood to tell him how to disarm the bomb. The hood just begins to shake with a muffled laugh. Whitey strikes him again.

More boots enter the house and more voices. 5:58… 5:57… 5:56… Whitey looks around the basement for a window or something he might be able to escape through. Nothing.

Whitey puts the gun to the hood and threatens to shoot if he doesn’t tell him how to stop the bomb. The hood doesn’t respond. The door knob jiggles again. Whitey steps over aiming the gun up the stairs.

Whitey sits on the stairs. He whispers the story of his first murder and the man he left behind in that moment. “The second you kill, you become hunted.” 2:12… 2:11…

There are move voices behind the door at the top of the stairs. Whitey walks over and picks up the bomb he walks it over and places it on the bottom step, flipping the Bird toward the basement door. The begin to ram their shoulders into the door. :35… :34… :33…

White walks back over to the hood. He raises his gun. He slowly lifts the hood. We slowly see Whitey is under hood. Whitey drops his gun. :02… :01…. An ALARM SOUNDS.

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