Jeffrey Gliwa, Producer – Career Opportunities

Jeffrey Gliwa Main photo

I look forward to hand picking the next generation of film students who are the best of the best, and help them break through into the film industry working alongside of A-list industry veterans. – Jeffrey “Blue Shark” Gliwa

Send me a sample of your work in one of five ways that shows you’re the best of the best at what you do:

#1 – Submit your directors reel, or industry reel

#2 – Send me your film or TV resume, or any resume

#3 – Send me a video of yourself pitching yourself to me, and please keep it at two minutes of less

#4 – Email me your life story, and format it like a screenplay.  Please keep it at a total of two minutes screening time;

#5 – Call me directly and pitch me your idea, and/or why you want to work for me as my assistant.  Please keep your pitches shorter than 60 seconds; 323-472-3830

Blue Shark Pictures specializes in pairing talented, up and coming aspiring filmmakers with industry veterans and helping them break through in the film industry.

Jeffrey “Blue Shark” Gliwa is looking for the best film industry professionals; film students, aspiring filmmakers, independent filmmakers, actors, writers, directors, producers and all crew positions.

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